Petko Petkov - Pemaro

Bulgarian painter


Petko Markov Petkov - Pemaro was born on 8 May 1945 in the village of Dermantsi, Bulgaria. At present, he lives and works in the Bulgarian town of Razgrad. He is a graduate of the Orenburg Polytechnic Institute in USSR. Although he has a degree in electrical engineering, beyond his profession he is an artist, computer programming engineer (author of a programming environment with artificial intellect elements), physicist, mathematician and philosopher.

Art attracted him even in his childhood: he modelled clay statuettes and carved wood. That was the beginning of his affection to fine arts.

Pemaro’s unique painting style reveals an amazing self-taught talent. A real master of colour, in his works he achieves fascinating juxtapositions of chromatic and achromatic colour shades. The fundament on which Pemaro’s art is built is the aesthetic idea.

The pictures of this artist are unsophisticated, genuine and suggest philosophic insights. Their theme is just a starting point to depicting a profound inner world. The intertwined space, substance and airiness stir excitement in everyone, who sees his work.

Pemaro is one of the doyens of digital fine arts. Even in 1995 he found that a computer can be an easel, a palette and a brush all in one, and he started experimenting and making alternative pictures. The quality and impact of his computer-painted works are by no means inferior to his oil on canvas paintings.

He is a highly productive artist, with hundreds of paintings. Collectors and fine arts admirers in many countries around the globe enjoy the presence of his pictures in their collections.

Desislava Markova