The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit and means sacred circle. It is a sacred symbol of healing, totality, union, integration, the absolute.

In Western culture, it was Carl G. Jung who began using them in his therapies, with the goal of reaching the search for individuality in human beings. Jung used to interpret dreams by drawing a mandala every day and discovered the relationship they had with his center and from there he developed a theory about the structure of the human psyche.

The creation and decoration of Mandalas bring us balance and well-being in our lives. By painting Mandalas we are boosting and developing our creativity. It makes us connect with our inner child, and regain the pleasure of painting without straying.

If you want to start developing your creativity by painting Mandalas I recommend that you choose a quiet space if it can always be the same, soft music that will help you concentrate and relax. It’s a good time before going to bed, it helps us disconnect from all the things that have happened during the day.

The material we need is very simple, markers, crayons or watercolor for those of you who already have practice when handling brushes. Now we have the model we have chosen, easy, without much hassle to be the first, we will start painting from the center out, then with practice we can reverse the meaning, from outside to inside, let yourself be carried away by the intuition by choosing the colors you like best or the ones you feel the urge to use. When fatigue comes, better stop and leave it for another day, we don’t have to finish right away. Do not be discouraged by the first results, no one is born taught, do not throw them away, save them, this will allow you to see your progress and evolution.

From the first day you will notice the benefits of painting Mandalas, that same night you will rest better, this will result in a better performance for the next day, being more attentive and focused.

Mandalas have the power to restore natural order and balance, which we lose with worldly experiences and everyday challenges.

As you can see they will bring you many benefits. A wise decision.

Harmony will come back into your lives.

Maria Rosa Ureña