Moses Urbano

Moses Urbano

Moses welcome to "Pilates protagonistas”

Thank you for accepting our invitation, it is a pleasure to share with you.

Could you tell us how you got started in the world of controlology?

At the end of 1997 I was transitioning from my career in sales and marketing. I read an article in L.A. magazine about the new exercise trend called Pilates. I always liked fitness and it seemed interesting. In January, on a trip to New York, I booked an appointment at The Pilates Studio, then owned by Sean Gallagher. From then on, my life took a completely different path.

How would you define Contrology from your personal point of view?

Contrology gives me structure to focus my attention, frees my mind from doubts to take a breath, to focus on my frame and consider the vehicle, which is my body. Once I take a moment out of my mind and honor the systems that give me the physical ability to do what I need to do, I have the opportunity to bless myself. Almost like a prayer and thanks for everything. So I can be here for you.

What has been the most important tool in your career as a teacher and mentor?

My first job, at age 14 in Texas in the early 1980s, was as a host at a restaurant called "El Torito." Everyone was afraid of the director, but I was very intrigued by his personality and paid a lot of attention to him.

He taught me not only to look, but to see. One day he asked me to pick up the garbage under the counter and when I thought my work was done, he insisted that I pay more attention. He told me: "Mints wrappers are clear and easy to miss. Don't just look, learn to see." I never imagined that, in that lesson, I was learning observation, to look deeply and always search the invisible to the eye.

What is your way of seeing life and what do you think is important right now?

At this time in history it is important to know that life is precious and fragile.

The message I would like to share is that we should be kind, challenge our bodies and other bodies, being more considerate. How are they? It's Covid in 2020 and again, we are fragile and my idea of ​​challenging people is not on pause, but on a higher level of consciousness. Our well-being is absolutely necessary when the most fundamental and basic things are unstable.

Do you have any secrets you'd like to share or tips you think might help?

The most important thing at this time is, after one has taken charge of taking care of oneself, to listen to others. Once I get the message, as a professional, it's my job to see what your bodies are consciously asking for. "I hear you, I see you."

I would like everyone to assess how we got here and what is our responsibility as a whole.

When we realize all that we have received up to this moment, grateful to be healthy, mind and body, the question is: "What do we need to understand and do next?"

Moises Urbano

Thank you very much Moses, you inspire us.