The Sound of nature

The Sound of nature

Last Sunday, I had the privilage to assist to a South Bath Meditation at Meditation Mount in Ojai, California.

Suburbanoid performed a blissful sound meditation experience in 432Kz tuning featuring sound drones layered with live instruments including:

Fusion Sitar, Tibetan singing bowls, guitar with electric bow, Koshi chimes, gong, kalimba, synthesizers, sound loops, and vocals.

The experience was relaxing and blissful, a way to reconnect and recenter.

Music and sound help with meditation concentration by focusing the mind helping to create positive vibrations and ease one into a state of deep relaxation. This allows the body, mind, and spirit to rejuvenate.

“The best way to get into the meditative state is to begin by listening” – Alan Watts
Suburbanoid biography

An Unschooled self taught artist who began at the age of 12 . During his high school years he studied harmony, theory and composition. In addition, he was a vocalist in the A Capella choir and was nominated and selected as a member of the All New England A Capella choir in his senior year . At the age of 20 he became a teacher of guitar and piano at the Queensboro Institute of Music in Queens NYC.

Nominated twice by Yamaha showcase as one of the top 20 unsigned artist in America. Recipient of two artist residence at the world renowned Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Ojai, CA.

Suburbanoid’s music is sometimes referred to as soundtrack music, ambient or meditational.

It has appeared in six independent film so far.

Recently he started his own publishing company Suburbanoid Music BMI, Available for music licensing now for movies, TV and other media needs.

New CD “Malibu Fire Sessions at Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts”( Pian o, Electronic, Ebow guitar).

Suburbanoid’s newest CD ‘Sound Bath Meditation Volume 1’ listen at