We spoke with Kristi Cooper

We spoke with Kristi Cooper

Kristi welcome to thesecretlaeditorial, thank you for accepting our invitation.

- Could you tell us a bit about how you started in the world of contrology?

It was the early 80’s and like most 13 year olds, I was uncomfortable. I had just moved to a new town and was uncomfortable with my new surroundings and just about everything else too. I didn’t fit in with the kids that had intact families, money to spend and lifelong friends (at thirteen life felt long already). I didn’t fit in, so somewhere along the way I decided just becoming fit might be enough, make me enough.

Fortunately one of the generous and kind persons I befriended was the daughter of Kathy Corey. Kathy owned a Pilates Studio called The Body Firm and little did I know that my experience with her would set the course of my life. It was a teen class I participated in, and two years later was teaching myself. Kathy gave me a practice, that led to a purpose, and a ultimately a career.

- How would you define Contrology from your personal point of view?

Control-ogy, the study of Control. I think the method of Contrology is specific to Joseph Pilates himself. I think when he or those in his studio were teaching you, you were doing Contrology, as defined by him. I think Pilates is the name given after Joseph passed and is the method he taught that was carried on so carefully and generously by those that learned from him, including their own influences.

I would say the method as a whole is a practice that allows you to live your life more fully, with more zest and more vitality. It is also a practice that provides a measure of how I am, almost WHO I am on any given day. In other words, the practice itself doesn’t change much, but I do within it. If I pay attention, I continue to learn about myself. I love that!

- What has been the most important tool in your career as a teacher and mentor?

The power of observation and the ability to communicate the importance of adjusting when necessary.

- What is your way of seeing life and what do you think is important right now?

I see life as an opportunity to experience joy in human form and to demonstrate the possibility of doing more good in support of those that came before us and those that will come after us.

- Do you have a secret that you would like to share or any advice that you think can help?

If there is any secret at all, I think it is inclusion. I think the day you admit you are not alone, can’t be alone and never have been alone, the world becomes brighter and continues to turn as it should. I built a business based on inclusion and intuition. There is no hierarchy in either expression of those words as far as I can tell. I’m not big on giving advice, but I’ve learned to take it when offered and I spin it through those two words as my filter.

- Would you like to add something?

Intuition matters. Pause every now and then and listen to what you already know.

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