We spoke with Marta Texidó

We spoke with Marta Texidó

"My dream, your dream"

We spoke with Marta Texidó, editor and director of 'The Secret La Revista'(*), president of Associació Cutural the secret Re-Creat, about her project: A nonprofit cultural association that has partnered with Re-creat to offer courses, conferences, exhibitions, painting, art in general and workshops of great human and professional level.

"We believe there is a mystical sense in reality, even though we don’t know how to explain, that leads to a real solution to our doubts and problems "

RA -How did you get in the publishing world?

MT -My relationship with books was born, almost without realizing it, in the printing of my grandfather. My senses were intoxicated on smell of ink and paper between literary emotions, a natural and magic throughout my childhood. I remember at that time books and other paper were the natural kings. However, it lacked something really important to me: theinteraction between author and readers.

RA -And your relationship with the Internet?

MT -Years later, the new technologies came. Through them I discovered that although the wonderful smell was gone to press, this new medium allowed me to recapture the magic of yesteryear. And not only that. The most special thing was that I opened a new world to share that magic with hundreds or thousands of people across the network.

RA -What did you do?

MT -Thus, day by day, slowly but surely, I started writing feelings with the keyboard of my computer. First I contacted with my family, friends, and soon after, with other anonymous people who eventually ended up being my riends as well. That was good. However, we sensed something was missing ...

RA -What?

MT -One night, when the Muses walk, thesecretlarevista.com came by inspiration. This new common bond, as a digital magazine, was born with a vocation to be a window open to everyone who would like to add a new joint project.

RA -What has worked?

MT -Years later, with much satisfaction, we can talk about numbers: 5 years on the network, 500 articles in several languages ​​and about 5,000 subscribers. Yet the numbers are just that, numbers. What excites us most is to have undertaken an exciting journey that has come true thanks to the contribution of so many people who have shared with us.

RA -Presence on social networks?

MT -We joined Facebook, Twitter, to Tuenti, Xing, LinkedIn and thousands of people follow us and opt for a better world. People who have personally known of these digital sites have proven to be wonderful and we share a wall and much more. Friendship and respect.

RA -Do you have more projects in progress?

MT -Dreams, as the opportunities, do not stop. Now our commitment is to create a digital publisher to exclusively publish books online. Why? Because there is much hidden talent that deserves and should come to light. Do you want to enter into a new dream?
(*) The Secret La Revista:

With almost 6 years in the network, it is based on the certainty of finding the ways to happiness, with respect to body, mind, nature, animals and others. Our goal is to promote a peaceful, healthy and respectful life, and together find the tools to make things come into our lives through personal work and actions, always in the company of others. Respect and support. Permanent positive thinking.

In Thesecretlarevista we are open to all shades and ideas, always with great respect and love. We are a magazine in Catalan, Castilian and English with a universal vocation and more than 5,000 subscribers worldwide, encouraging us to continue doing a job well done. We have been growing steadily, without haste, but without stopping. We have filled a void that existed in the network on natural and complementary therapies and personal growth.We will approach you every day with the new and old things that take more force now, reviews, interviews, and basically issues of health and lifestyle and constant learning. Always thinking from ecology, nature and respect for the person and the environment. As always your opinions are very valuable, and your experiences, where in "your secrets" sections we will publish your writings. And our contests of short stories or erotic writings that have proven to be so successful.

Roser Amills Bibiloni


Roser Amills Bibiloni